Late spring to early autumn only

Feel the combined energy of Reiki and ancient volcanic earth! Eons ago, this land in the South East of Austria was created by mighty volcanoes, making the earth fertile and abundant.
Its nurturing and healing energy has still prevailed over time.

1:1  Reiki Sessions in the vineyards

During our session we connect with this peaceful energy. Putting our feet and our body close on to the ground, we get in touch with the earth’s natural surface charge, the Earth Qi.
This helps restore our own internal electrical stability and rhythm and helps our balance our body systems including immune system, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular system.
While reconnecting to the earth during our Reiki session this helps your body to return to its normal electrical state and to better self-heal and self-regulare its functions. Just absorbing the frequencies from the earth is soothing, cleansing and healing.
Our ancestors already knew that Mother Earth’s natural vibes keep us healthy and help heal our pains from inflammation related diseases to premature aging. (Studies and facts from Clint Ober’s publication EARTHING)

Guided tour to sacred power places

If you want to connect to nature and the energy a little deeper, on this 3 hour tour we visit some selected sacred power spots. We learn about the healing power of water and old wells and strenghten our chakras in the serene garden of an old castle, known to correspond with our solar plexus (for strong will and joy). Starting out with an energizing meadow barefoot walk, we find out birth or power tree for a tree meditation, explore the mythology around the twin volcano peaks at Bad Gleichenberg and walk parts of an ancient leyline.
Unwind and pause to let the good energy of the Reiki session integrate while staying in some of the following accommodation nestled in the soft rolling volcanic hills: from cozy rooms at family run wine estates and a historic castle boutique hotel, to modern forest retreats or authentic restored historic wine cottages. If you want to extend your stay after the session to a beautiful weekend with friends or family you can explore the fascinating volcanic history of the area on some beautiful mellow hiking trails around the vineyards, medieval castles and pass the overgrown remnants of some of the 40 ancient volcanoes present in the area. Also this region has many young talented creative people offering culinary and design related experiences worth stopping by.
Weingut Neumeister
Stay on in one of the modern rooms or apartments of local award winning wine estate of Christoph Neumeister. Sunkissed grapes from the yards spread out in the area make for peaceful views across the lush hills around Straden. Try some of their Grauburgunder together with a dinner at their restaurant Saziani Stub’n which has some of Austria’s top young chefs as currently Walter Triebl swinging their kitchen knife.
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Kapfenstein Castle
Wine Estate Winkler-hermaden
Set on top of a hill this baroque castle from 1065 offers stunning views across some parts of the South Eastern Styria valley. You can choose between 15 historic rooms and sample some of the Grauburgunder produced in winery of the owners, the Winkler-Hermaden family. Plenty of history and fine drops to settle in with for a cozy weekend.
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Rupert's Rooms
If you want to enjoy the serenity of beech and oak forests typical for this region, then this minimal modern apartment is the perfect refuge. Owned and designed by Straden native Rupert Rauch who knows it all when it comes to the art of carefully merging nature, aesthetics and comfort in living spaces. Catch some relaxing hours of afternoon sunshine on top of his modern style treehouse clad in larch wood at the back of his lovingly restored country farm house.
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Ferienhäuser Havinga
Three carefully restored historic wine cottages sit on top of a hill looking out over lush green hills, over totthe nearby horizon marked by Slowenia. The owner, Edith Havinga, makes you feelcomfortable and verraten you some architectural and cultural gems to visit inthe area.
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