Relax. Unwind. Retreat into your inner garden.

"On the way to the Reiki session I was feeling tense and had no idea
what to expect. After the session I felt very calm, as if I had
come back from a long journey. I would recommend it to people
interested in soul searching and re-connecting to themselves."

Marius Dahaka/IT Consultant, Vienna

Boost your energy for the good things in life

The more permeable we become, the better our life energy, our KI (ReiKI) can flow through us. And the more energy we have available to live our dreams, live life with passion and face challenges with more ease and grace. We are more resilient and act quicker if we have outgrown a job or a relationship.
Receiving Reiki is a powerful as much as an elevating experience with the treatment often feeling like a pleasant/relaxing stream or warm glow running through you. As we work along your body, clients often report a tingling or other sensations like floating, heat etc, which means that the energy is at work exactly where your body needs healing/balancing.

Benefits of a in person Reiki session:
> Activates our energy body/chakras including our endocrine glands (thymus, thyroid, pineal gland ...)
> Balancing/harmonising chakras: all our chakras, organs and glands work together. Is one out of synch it affects the others.
> Promotes relaxation, good nights sleep, concentration, clariy, boosts immune system,
> Releases anxiety, stomach pain, headaches, helps with depression, selfconfidence
> Feel more grounded, secure, take on life's challenges with more ease

How a session works:
> Grounding meditation to relax and let go
> Set your intention: How/where do you wish to direct the healing energy? Is there a specific issue you want to work on?
> Feel into the healing energy - notice where your body needs it - create awareness for your body
> Affirmations for you to practice at home to integrate healing energy
> Journaling on your intention & session outcome

One to one sessions in person / 60-90 minutes including feedback after session / Euros 90,-
"Sandra's message still reveals itself in ways more profound that I ever thought possible.
I realize that there's nothing to fix because I'm not broken, that healing is a gift I'm allowed to receive.
Sincere. Intuitive. Gentle."

Kiki Nisbet, Manager/self employed, Cape Town

Distant Reiki
Open up to receive

Get ready to receive healing and clearing reiki energy from the comfort of your own home. As we know from the law of quantum physics: Energy flows beyond time and space. We connect through healing, loving thoughts and intention. And use Whatsapp/Skype to communicate during the session. Open up to receive healing energy and immerse yourself into the wisdom of your own body.

How the session works:
> We connect via whatsapp or skype
> Grounding meditation to relax and let go
> Set your intention: How/where do you wish to direct the healing energy? Is there a specific issue you want to work on?
> Visualisation & gentle breathwork: Feel the energy working in your body
> Connect to your body. Receive its messages
> Spirit animal cards to help you reflect your intention after the session
> Chakra affirmations to help you strengthen your body and sustain healing energy for as long as possible

Benefits distant Reiki:
> Strenghten our body's own self healing ability and stabilise your immune system long term
> Tune into the language of your body, increase intuition, deepen connection with yourself
> Deep relaxation, better focus, clarity, feeling whole and centered, good nights sleep

One to one sessions digital / 60-90 minutes including feedback after session and follow up email / Euros 80

Build up resilience and set your inner anchor:
Guided Visualisation

We live in wild times. To help you better ride those waves of uncertainty and rapid changes, it is important to be able to rest within you and connect to your own wisdom, strength and truth. Do you feel connected with that power source within you? Do you know how to retreat to you inner sanctuary when you need a little break?

Learn how to firmly set your inner anchor you can hold onto no matter what is going on around you!
Guided visualisation are a compelling and magical journey inward using the power of your imaginatoin to unlock your inner resources to help you build resilience, solve problems or simply to relax. Learn how to trust, communicate and interpret your own messengers. This is highly creative, fun and rewarding! 

How a session works:
> We connect via whatsapp or skype
> You set an intention
> Connect to your own internal navigation system - unlock your inner wisdom
> Learn how to read your inner compass: where is it directing you? And why?
> How can you implement your inner messages into your everyday life? How make the changes?
> We strenghten your ability to listen and to trust yourself
> We create strength and space within you to expand, allowing yourelf to walk the unknown
> Reflect on your inner journey and your intention

Digital one to one sessions / 40 minutes & follow up email / Euros 35

Confidence & inner knowing in times of uncertainty:
Spirit animal work

Do you know this situation? You are pondering on an issue and then suddenly you get a phone call and receive a piece of your puzzle through conversation. Or a grasshopper happens to land on your breakfast bowl out of nowhere.
Life is constantly trying to communicate with us, helping us out along the way. Spirit animals in particular help us strenghten our will and vision to move forward in life with creative little messages. Our ancestors used to know how to integrate those in daily life as they were connected to the mysteries of the flow of life. They help us connect to our innate nature, act as a mirror for our our strenghts and weaknesses and show us how to use our strengths in the best possible ways.

Also available in a shorter and adapted version for children to playfully increase confidence, clarity and promote calmness.

How a session works:
> We communicate via whatsapp or skype
> Connect to your animal via a guided meditation or power animal cards
> Guided visualisation: take on the energy of your animal
> Connect the medicine of your power animal with your own power, wisdom, confidence
> Journaling homework to reflect and integrate new energy

Digital one to one sessions / 60 minutes including feedback after session / Euros 55

Reclaim Your Personal Power:
Shamanic journey

This is a creative and uplifting experience which brings back more vibrance, joy, confidence and a beautiful sensation of wholeness.
A shamanic journey is for you when you feel stuck with a problem/challenge in your job or relationships and want to receive input or a fresh perspective to help you work through this with more ease and grace.
In ancient times our ancestors often used this ritual of travelling in the subconscious realms (under or upper world) to connect with certain energies that would bring healing or that desired piece of the puzzle to solve an issue. This is a highly fascinating and creative process! Shamanic journeying is like a fantastic ancient tool to help relief modern challenges: if offers a light and creative way of problem solving in our hectic and logic focussed way of living.

Together we undertake an elevating shamanic journey exploring the realms of your subconscious landscapes to help you find the answers you are looking for. Sometimes it just takes an extra big of 'digging'.

How the session works:
> We connect via whatsapp/skype
> You send me your specific question you want me to journey for an answer/insight into
> During the journey we can stay connected if you wish or disconnect
> You remain in a meditative state during journey, holding space (no use of phone)
> We then reconnect to go through journey in detail
> You also receive journey via email to help you better reflect on your question/intention
>Journaling home work: write down how your life is unfolding now after the journey
> Follow up email: you tell me in a few lines how you managed to integrate journey and what happened since

Digital one to one sessions / 60-90 minutes including feedback after session and follow up email / Euros 55
A very fine blend of organic essential oils and fresh moutain spring water.
Cleansing. Calming. Uplifting.
Helps you ground and clear energies before your daily rituals.
Just spray once into the room/around you, take a deep breath and set your intention, hold your breath for a moment, stay present, then exhale.

Let in the good vibes

Sannahma aura and roomspray blends are a fine mix of high quality essential oils and pristine river water. I harvest the water from ancient sacred wells on my frequent hikes to my favorite energetic feelgood places in the beautiful Austrian mountains, meadows and around lakes.
Water is our most precious resource, as it is the bearer of life. In ancient times, women were the keepers/stewards of the water wells, keeping them clean and offer prayers and rituals to align with its healing energy.
Some of the Sannahma roomspray mixes include undiluted, freshly harvested water from cold springs emerging out of the depths of Mirnock Mountain. It is known for its proven high energy frequency points (published by German radiation researcher Josef Georg) which have a rejuvinating effect on body and spirit as the mountain sits over two so called ley lines passing from North Western Europe through Southern Austria and Italy. The energy of those ley lines is born out of magnetic and energetic conditions arising from inside the earth.

You can order here

DELIGHT ... Helichrysum, the ‘Gold of the Sun’ brings in the good vibes. Breathe in, open your heart space and just FEEL happy.
Euro 25,- plus shipping

INTUITION ... Ceder and sandalwood lead your journey inward. Listen deep and connect your feeling heart with your mind.
Euro 30,- plus shipping

RELEASE ... Holy Palo Santo clears unwanted energies inside and outside, before your morning ritual or for good sleep.
Euro 40,- plus shipping*

*Available only for clients (2 sessions minimun). Holy palo santo, used for rituals by indiginous people in South America, is precious for its clearing and healing qualities. I only receive small volumes of this cherised oil from a trusted sustainable source.

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