Spirit message of the woodpecker

Become attune to your own rhythm

Spiritual meaning of Woodpecker. Power animal wisdom & symbolism


This power animal flies into your life – with joyous drumming - as cosmic communicator, showing you how to create resonance for what you do and wish for with the vibrations of your daily actions.

The woodpecker diligently works through the bark of each branch, looking for insects or ants. He patiently crafts holes for nesting with each meticulous tok-tok-tok. Woodpecker says:

"Put in the energy every day for what you truly desire. Honour your efforts by talking about what you do and amplify the vibrations of what you desire to create."

This is creating the framework for your manifestation. But remember, putting in the work is as equally important.

Woodpecker energy initiates you into the secret of creating with sounds: it shows you how your words have power manifest that what you desire at the same time. This quirky bird chooses the most dry and hollow branches, which echo way beyond the forest – just as if each tok-tok sound adds another stich to the rich fabric of life.

Woodpecker totem also reminds you of the importance to pause in between actions. Finish a task or a project, sit back and feel into the joy and satisfaction of having completed something. Woodpecker waits and listens for a response from the universe. Be attentive to the signs and answers from the universe your daily life, however small and random they might appear. Once you pick up on them continue your path with an ever deeper knowing an a feeling of reassurance that you are on the right path. This is crucial as you want to keep on your soul’s path. Instead of fighting distractions (media, comparison to others, jealousy…) you want to be aware of consciously enjoying your unique chosen path. Your soul finds its way regardless. Woodpecker deliberately creates, it follows its nature, its path. It does not get distracted by the elements. It flows with them.

Deer encounters & omens

Although woodpeckers lead seasonal relationships, building a nest together is something of a ritual for them, where the male and female bond in action. And bonding, as we know in human terms, is the glue that binds us together, that has us achieve beautiful things – as romantic or business partners, as friends, as a community. It gives us purpose. Woodpecker says:

“Consider building your dream life as practicing your daily ritual. And while you do, give freely to others.”

 Woodpecker spirit animal asks us to scrutinize deeply from our heart:

"Who do we want to build a life, business or project together with?
Do not rush for decisions. You know the universe keeps sending, so just tune into a discerning mode of what vibrations truly resonate with your heart."


Also, this bird has a most interesting definition of home and how to build one.

He starts building several holes at once and waits for right conditions of the dead wood to then finish up each of these homes. After breeding he leaves them for other birds or animals like to breed in.

Woodpecker energy reflects that of joyful, purposeful creation. It asks you to share the outcomes of your talents to benefit your community. If it flows, give freely. It will come back to you. Just like the woodpecker has many homes to choose from when in need.



Deer spirit animal – meaning & symbolism

By getting vocal about his daily doings the woodpecker sends invisible frequencies intothe fabric of the universe, which is made out of sounds and vibrations.

The woodpecker energy shows us how to communicate our needs and wants clearly, always with the highest of vibrations coming from a pure heart. Your words and intentions carry energy. The clearer, the sincerer.

“How does your passion sound like?”
“How do you want to attract what you want?”

Communicate your needs with perseverance and do not give in. When both of these frequencies meet the real magic happens.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the meaning of the woodpecker spirit animal is that he is a most skillfull master of an ancient mystical craft – sacred communication. If you ever catch to a woodpecker knocking on a hollow branch in the early spring days you know that it feels like as if he is in direct response with the universe.

Being the master of sound in the forest it knows that the frequency of each vibration that you attach to each of your efforts will match you with your vibrational outcome.


Deer spirit animal message


Passion and harmony are the fuel for this magic to unfold. Woodpecker says to not be afraid to truly feel your passion and let yourself be filled with it. So much that you become a living being vibration of yourself and your dreams. Joy is the biggest magnet for communicating what we love doing. What we vibrate we attract. So, in reminding us of these simple laws woodpecker really gives us a glimpse of the secret (perhaps not so secret after all…) workings of the universe.

You create energy and intensity with your actions or thoughts – when you create or send out your wishes from the heart you connect yourself with the universal energy.
That is why woodpeckers cultivate different drumming rhythms to mark its territory or finding a mate. What we hear in the woodpecker sound is the presence and diligent efforts in it building and picking barks for ants and insects. Just like the woodpecker is vibrating with its whole being to amplify the outcome – he asks you to amplify your joy and love for creating your desired outcome.

He applies different energetic vibrations to have his needs met and he is very aware of fine-tuning his own frequencies. Imagine as the resonance of your drumming ripples out into the universe. Close your eyes and feel it.

Woodpecker spirit animal urges you to do the same. Stay focused on your needs and communicate them clearly. Doing so you will naturally set your healthy boundaries. Woodpecker shows how to get into the flow. And keep your humor.

Woodpecker calls to your highest creativity and how to connect to its vibration through your heart. If you do what you love this fills your heart and naturally spills out onto people and the world around you. If you doubt yourself, your abilities or lacking the trust, tune into your heart frequency and fill it up with woodpecker spirit energy - joy - to increase the energy of your vibration. You have to feel it first to believe the magnitude of your vibration in action. Only then you will feel the natural flow of aligning with your daily duties and actions as the sacred service to your life.

The great spotted woodpecker with its elegant red hat and greenish outfit reminds us in particular to never stop laughing, even if things are cumbersome. He would never get upset if things do not go his way. Woodpecker just flows in its drumming rhythm. Listen out to his mischievous laugh when flying off like an arrow following his instinctual summoning to the next tree.



Woodpecker asks us to help protect nature – his home, our home


The Woodpecker faces endangerments as his natural habitat is diminishing with deforestation and also with more and more land being sold off for real estate purposes. The reality is food shortage for this precious animal as well as dwindling possibilities to nest as there are only a few hollow trees left to build in.

With this, also the spirit energy of the Woodpecker will fade. Without his heartfelt drumming, one precious, unique golden threat in the fabric of life will become untangled and start to weaken those invisible but ever present spiritual landscapes in which our souls find nourishment, may it be the laughter of the woodpecker or the singing of birds in spring, the rustling of the winter wind through the dry brown leaves of a birch tree. Our spiritual and mental wellbeing much depend on the balance of all these energies and elements as they feed and strengthen the ecosystem as a whole. And our spiritual ecosystem that is invisible to our eyes but which we feel at any given moment.

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