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We can only shape our outside reality when we tend our inner garden

... you will FEEL how far you have come when looking back after reaching those outer shores of your inner landscapes. For a long time I was busy moving cities and continents, jobs and partners, searching for that one ‚place’ that would make me happy but more so give me a feeling of being safe and a sense of belonging. No city could be big enough to lose myself in numerous distractions to feel for what I thought at that time as ‚being free’. I was searching for that one fullfilling connection that I had not even established with myself in the first place. How could I really know what I was looking for in a place or in a partner? How could I hold up myself or a partner/friend in the face of challenges when I kept losing myself in what was going on around me?

Life diverging me to my own path

And so in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, life taught me that I can no longer sustain that way of thinking and living – relying on the outside to provide me with input and adopting other people’s hard earned formula to life. Time to forge my own.  And that’s where my real work, the real journey began ... not the 10 years I had already clogged on airmiles and moving apartments. I started going inside, taking stock and building solid emotional foundations from there.

Nature calling me home

Nothing makes me more happy than being out in nature, roaming around for hours and let the magic of nature work through me. The invigorating sound of wild alpine rivers, drinking its fresh clear waters and feeling every cell in my body tingling. Falling asleep to the happy sound of crickets in summer, watching shooting stars and the occassional rare comet, waking up to crisp autumn air in autum, hearing the hawks high up in their air when doing their rounds. This is what makes me feel alive, what nourishes me soul. Nature has her ways to teach me to not lose my focus, to always come back to myself and to carefully grow my wishes like seeds. My love for nature has called me back to live in the countryside, close to where I started out on this journey into the world. Sometimes this feels to me that life has shown me that this journey inward is a journey home. The most amazing feeling I have had in a long time
What I want to share with you is 20 years of rich life experience spiked with a carefully trained set of healing and creative skills I have mastered along the way. In an outside world mostly run by media fuelling fear and uncertainties the best way to strenghten our feeling of wholeness, belonging and love is by going inside – and cultivate our inner landscapes again with dreams and beauty from which we can truly thrive.I want to offer my assistance while you build up your inner landscape to a rich, creative and trusted source of power and the place to go to when you are looking for answers and comfort. I want to help you feel empowered by your inner strength and wisdom. What my own healing practices have taught me is that healing on an emotional-spiritual level means to become whole. Ancient and shamanic healers defined the idea of ‘wholeness’ to live in harmony inside our body, mind, spirit and the outside world. The many feel good effects of wholeness are a reduction of stress and anxiety, more clarity, a wonderful sensation of self-empowerment and a renewed sense of purpose. Our life is rarely a straight forward journey but it is worth it every moment for each and every experience along the way.
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Spiritual Training

Reiki Level 1, Deborah Hanekamp, New York
Reiki Level 2, Roseleen McNally, Dublin
Reiki Master, Hae Lee, Los Angeles/Online
Shamanic Journeying, Roel Crabbe, Vienna
Shamangelic Healing, Anahata Ananda, Sedona/Arizona
Diploma Holistic Practitioner, Graz
Deep Imagery, Dr. Steve Gallegos, Vienna
Quantumhealing, Level 1, Heilsame Praxis, Vienna
Footreflexology, ÖIGT Akademie, Vienna

Sharon Blackie on our healing relationship with the landscape and for inspiring me to move to the countryside
Frans Stiene for his in-depth insights on Reiki and Meditation
Sandra Ingerman for her shamanic teachings and on how to heal our environment

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